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CS1 Subgoals

The goal of this research project is to expand the use of subgoal labels throughout the introductory computing course and test its effectiveness on student learning. To date, subgoal labels have been developed for an introductory imperative language CS1 course and have been used in instruction for three semesters. Through our NSF grant, we have developed worked examples that incorporate the use of subgoal labels for the main programming concepts within an imperative programming language taught in an introductory programming course. We developed multiple worked examples along with practice problems and assessments for each programming concept which are now incorporated into an eBook (see for additional information and examples).

Disciplinary Commons for Computing Educators

This project was designed to build a community of practice for computing educators. Participants built portfolios for their class, shared resources, learned from one another, and established an on-going community. Dr. Morrison was the Higher Education Leader for years Two and Three of this project.

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